Common Mercedes Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

Mercedes is a German automaker that produces luxury vehicles. While Mercedes Benz's are known for their comfort and high-quality features, many problems exist with their models. People who are considering purchasing a Mercedes Benz should research recall information to read about their most common problems.

Sensotronic Brake Control

Mercedes E-Class vehicles have known problems with the Sensotronic Brake Control, which is the vehicle's braking system. According to Internet Autoguide, 2005 Mercedes E-Class vehicles were recalled in June 2004 and again in April 2005, due to problems with premature brake failure and pressure gradients.

Electrical System

M-Class and C-Class Mercedes vehicles were recalled by Mercedes due to defects within the electrical systems. Software calibration coding was incorrect on a number of Mercedes cars and SUVs, which led to wrong diagnoses of vehicle problems. For example, fuel gauge readings were incorrect, fuel sensors became stuck and the check engine light would illuminate for no known cause.

Interior Lighting

The 2002, 2004 and 2005 models of Mercedes S-Class sedans were recalled by the manufacturer in February 2006 due to problems with the interior lighting system. Malfunctions in the lighting system caused indicator lights on the display to activate or illuminate automatically. In turn, drivers were no longer able to tell when something was really wrong with the vehicle.

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