How to Compare Auto Front Seat Legroom

Updated July 20, 2017

Front seat legroom is important when comparing vehicles for comfort. Automotive companies provide the front legroom space in inches in their specification reports. The three most commonly used sites for automobile reports are NADA, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.


Go to NADA'S website (see References). Locate the "Reviews" heading on the right side of the screen. Select "Expert Reviews." Choose the make of car on the next screen. On the next page you will be asked to choose the year and model of the car you would like to see. Select the trim package. Scroll down to "Pricing and Specs" and select "Specs & Performance." Scroll down to "Interior Specifications." Front legroom is listed in inches.

Kelley Blue Book

Go to Kelley Blue Book's website (see References). Verify that you were not redirected to the beta website, as these directions are specific to the main website. Kelley Blue Book only provides specifications for new cars. Select "Reviews & News" from the blue bar at the top of the screen. Find the box labelled "New Car Reviews and Ratings." You will be asked to select the make and model and click on the red "Go" button. Select the desired car, then select the desired trim. Locate the blue box on the left side of the screen labelled "Specification." Select "Technical Specs." Scroll down to "Dimensions" to find the front leg room listed in inches.


Go to the Edmunds website (see References). Locate the box labelled "Browse by Make." Select the make. You will be asked to select the model on the next page. Find the tab labelled "Reviews & Specs." On the left side, scroll down and click on "Features and Specs." Front legroom will be listed under "Interior" in inches.

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