What USB CD Drive Can I Boot NC10 With?

Updated July 19, 2017

You can connect any external CD-ROM drive with a USB connection to your Samsung NC-10 netbook and use it to boot up the computer. Samsung states that USB DVD-ROM drives, writers and "combo" drives will work in addition to USB CD-ROM devices.


The Samsung NC-10 is a compact sized "netbook" style computer. Due to its small size it does not include an integrated CD/DVD drive.


You may need to boot from a CD or DVD if you wish to reinstall your NC-10s operating system, or perform troubleshooting operations. You must connect an external drive to boot from a CD or DVD, or to install software contained on these discs.

The NC-10s default configuration is to attempt to boot from any bootable CD or DVD before using the internal hard drive.


External USB drives are available either as self-powered models with their own power supplies, or USB-powered models which take their power from the USB port of the attached computer. Some drives require you to connect them to two USB ports simultaneously in order to draw adequate power.

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