Homemade rifle tripod ideas

Written by stanley goff | 13/05/2017
Homemade rifle tripod ideas
A tripod might improve stability (rifle image by petar Ishmeriev from Fotolia.com)

Experienced rifle marksmen know the advantages of using a rifle bipod. Unfortunately, most bipods force the shooter into the prone position. When you need to take that standing or sitting shot, a tripod might be the key to stability.

A Rest, Not an Attachment

Unlike a rifle bipod that generally attaches to the rifle at the front of the stock, a rifle tripod is a rest that is not attached to your rifle. The tripod is used when a natural rest is not available.


Some shooters have successfully converted camera or optics tripods into rifle tripods. This requires the modification of the mount to support the rifle, usually a bit of attached angle iron wide enough for the stock, with a foam pad glued into it.

Shooting Sticks

The other option for a shooting tripod is a set of shooting sticks. Three identical sticks approximately as tall as the shooter are placed with one end each on the ground, equidistant from one another, and crossed at the rifle's rest height. The shooter grips the junction of the sticks with the non-firing hand, and rests the stock of the rifle in the junction.

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