Tricks to fix a leaking steering rack

Updated March 23, 2017

The average driver may find a leaking steering rack challenging to diagnose and repair. Not fixing the leak, however, can lead to failure of the power steering system, making the vehicle difficult or impossible to steer.


Dirt and other road debris often cover the steering rack and other power steering components. To find the source of the leak, you may need to clean these parts. Commercial engine-cleaning products or any degreaser will work.

Use a Helper

While you lie in a safe location under the car, have a helper start the vehicle and turn the wheels from side to side. Watching carefully, you'll find the leak.

Stop Leak

Ageing seals that have become brittle or shrunken can cause minor steering rack leaks. A power-steering stop leak product -- added to the power steering pump reservoir and allowed to circulate in the system -- will soften and swell the seals, fixing the leak.


You can install a replacement rack in less time than it takes to dissemble the old rack for repair. Though replacement costs more than repair, a new or rebuilt rack should provide longer service.

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