Subaru head gasket problems

Updated July 19, 2017

Subarus often find their way to repair shops with failed or blown head gaskets. With this in mind, Subaru owners can benefit from knowing about head gasket problems commonly associated with this manufacturer.


An internal leak in the head gasket can lead to the engine running hot, which can cause further damage to the head gasket as well as the engine itself. This problem has been reported in Subarus manufactured from 1996 through 1999, including the Outback and Impreza.


External oil leaks from both head gaskets are not rare for Subarus manufactured during the late 1990s. From 1998 through 2000, the Subaru Outback and Legacy were prone to this type of head gasket problem.


Head gasket repair can be an expensive proposition in any vehicle, including a Subaru. Detecting early signs of head gasket failure, such as an oily substance in your engine's coolant reservoir, is vital to keeping repair costs to a minimum.

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