How Does a Cantilever Umbrella Work?

Updated April 17, 2017

Perhaps you look forward to spending the long days of summer lounging near the pool or enjoying your garden patio. On the warmest days, a large umbrella can ensure protection from the harsh sun. A cantilever umbrella, also known as an offset umbrella, offers advantages.


A cantilever umbrella has a base that holds a curved pole, creating an arm from which to suspend a patio umbrella. The shape of the umbrella could be round, square or hexagon.


The special design of the cantilever umbrella keeps the pole out of the way so that you and guests can enjoy conversation and the shade without obstruction. You lift and lower the umbrella using the cranking system attached to the base. You may also adjust the position of the frame throughout the day to block the sun.


Ensure that the base of a cantilever umbrella has enough weight so that it will not tip over. Some models feature a base that fills with water, creating weight. Because the base of a cantilever umbrella may be heavy and cumbersome, purchase a model on wheels that allows you to move it with ease.

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