Is There an Easy Way to Untangle the Nylon Thread on a Wind Chime?

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It's time to hang up the spring decorations. You open the box containing the wind chimes only to find its nylon strings tangled. In order for the wind chime to look and sound appealing, it needs untangled. Don't rush while untangling the strings; tugging too hard can cause the strings on the wind chime to break. High winds can also tangle the nylon strings of a hanging wind chime.

Take down the wind chime if it is hanging. Grip the chimes gently with one hand as you move it to prevent them from tangling more.

Lay the wind chime on a flat surface.

Locate the bottom of one of the nylon threads. Grip it in one hand. Follow the nylon thread through the tangled wind chime. Carefully loosen the surrounding strings and chimes as you pull the string in your hand through the tangles. Once the piece is free, move it as far away from the rest of the chime as possible.

Repeat Step 2 with all of the nylon strings until they are free.

Pick up the wind chime. Spin it slowly to untwist any strings on top.

Hang up the wind chime.

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