Material for Fence That Looks Like Real Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

Artificial foliage fencing is a popular alternative to traditional wood and metal fence designs. They provide the same privacy yet offer the look of a living hedge. Plastic in construction, the fence material is additionally tolerant to UV radiation.


The hard core surface of a yard is no longer a problem when using artificial plant fences because the soil condition is irrelevant. Low maintenance is an advantage as you get the benefit of foliage without any gardening. Artificial plant fences also save time waiting for a real hedge to grow so the effect is instantaneous.


Fences come in a variety of sizes and shapes appropriate to the requirements of the location it will go. Some are available on a plastic mesh roll which can be cut to size. Others are pre-cut into a hedge shape as a three dimensional rectangular form of boxwood and fit together in sections.


Cost is the biggest factor because artificial plant fencing is not cheap in comparison to traditional wooden fences. However, an alternative is to buy metal mesh fences which, according to the All Type Fencing website, are cost effective for long boundaries. Then, attach artificial vines and boxwood matting as a DIY project.

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