How much should chainlink fence cost to install?

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In 2010, a 4-foot tall chain link fence with 300 linear feet costs between £1,170 and £1,625 in materials alone, according to Cost Helper. This also includes two gates. Adding professional installation into the mix increases the price by £390 to £585.

Size Makes a Big Difference

For homeowners with large lots totalling an acre or more, chain link fence prices rise significantly. The materials and installation of a chain link fence around an acre of land cost between £4,420 and £5,785 in 2010, according to Cost Helper. This price also includes two gates.

Bottom Line

People with average-sized yards needing 300 linear feet of chain link fence should expect to pay between £1,495 and £2,145 including installation. The larger the yard, however, the more materials and labour required to surround it with a fence.