Climbing plants for trellises

Written by veronica smith-jennings | 13/05/2017
Climbing plants for trellises
Trellises can be quickly covered by a vine. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A plant climbing up a trellis can provide colourful interest in a landscape, as well as represent practical uses as a privacy screen. Choosing either a perennial or a fast-growing annual vine helps define how the plant and trellis will be featured in your yard.


Vines growing on trellises provide a privacy screen and boundary markers. They hide ugly areas or provide privacy for outdoor living spaces.


Many vines growing on trellises get overgrown if not pruned. For a more naturalised area, this is an attractive addition to the landscape, but for formal spaces, the plants need trimming.


Climbing plants on trellises do not typically require dedicated maintenance. Perennial vines need only water, some fertilising with a 5-10-5 mix just before the growing season and pruning if necessary. Annual vines quickly grow up a trellis and bloom.


Perennial climbing plants for trellises include the perennials Bougainvillea, Bleeding Heart, Climbing Hydrangea, Wisteria and climbing roses. Annuals include Moon Flower, Morning Glory, the Black-eyed Susan and Nasturtium.

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