Google SketchUp Vs. Vectorworks

Written by natashia croston | 13/05/2017
Google SketchUp Vs. Vectorworks
Coupling design and technology saves time and money. (blueprint image by Chad McDermott from

Computer-aided design software such as Google SketchUp and Vectorworks are used throughout the entire engineering process, from designing machinery or tools to conceptualising houses and buildings. Designers and engineers are able to design, print, save and edit drawings and plans, thus, lowering time and cost investments.

The Facts

Google SketchUp and Vectorworks are both mid-range software packages. The most immediate difference concerns the price tag. Google SketchUp is free while Vectorworks costs about £975.00.

Common Features

Google SketchUp and Vectorworks are both capable of importing, exporting and creating a wide range of 2-D and 3-D models. They also enable users to conduct full-screen, live presentations. Printing modes include raster, vector and hybrid options.

Special Considerations

An added feature in Google SketchUp is the ability to incorporate Google Earth in the design, including 3-D terrain and aerial photos. Vectorworks also has a new program called 4-D Cinema, essentially taking design software into the realm of motion pictures. And, because Vectorworks supports Google SketchUp, a user can have the best of both applications using just Vectorworks software.

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