Stephanotis plant care

Written by brandii lacey | 13/05/2017
Stephanotis plant care
Enjoy the stunning white blooms produced by Stephanotis. (Thinkstock/Getty Images)

Fragrant white blooms are the star of Stephanotis floribunda, a plant that is native to Madagascar but grows well in pots and hanging baskets in the UK. Proper care of this plant helps it produce attractive foliage and numerous blooms.


Stephanotis thrive in flower pots and hanging baskets. It requires a sandy, well-drained soil. Once a month, feed the plant with a soluble, all-purpose fertiliser.


Stephanotis grows best in an environment with a 40 to 80 per cent humidity. The ideal temperature for a Stephanotis plant is 21C during the day, and 13 to 16C at night.


Stephanotis has a winding growing habit. Use a trellis or stake to provide support as the plant matures, to prevent the plant from becoming unstable.

Time frame

Not pruning Stephanotis during autumn and winter allows the plant a chance to slow its growth rate. This is important for the continued growth success of the plant.

Fun fact

Stephanotis signifies happiness in marriage. As such, it's often referred to as the wedding flower.

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