Where to plant and take care of orange blossom bushes

Written by amy hannaford | 13/05/2017
Where to plant and take care of orange blossom bushes
Orange blossom bushes provide a delicate, sweet scent to the garden. (blossoming bush image by Roman Gureev from Fotolia.com)

Orange blossom, also known as Mexican orange blossom, is an evergreen bush. Clusters of fragrant white flowers bloom from April through June and again in September. Orange blossom can grow to 2.4 m (8 feet) tall.


Plant orange blossom bushes in an area that receives full sun all day. In areas with extremely hot temperatures during summer, some light shade in the afternoon is ideal. Plant in midspring after the last frost and use well-draining soil for best results.


Water every other day using a soaker hose. Let the top 7.5 cm (3 inches) of the soil dry out before watering. Apply a general purpose fertiliser such as 10-10-10 once a year in early spring and prune lightly in midfall after flowering has ceased just to shape of the bush.


Do not grow orange blossom bushes in full shade to avoid scraggly growth. Avoid watering the bush over head with a sprinkler, and do not overwater or root rot will develop.

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