Can You Hang Your Artificial Tree From the Ceiling?

Written by kristy barkan | 13/05/2017
Can You Hang Your Artificial Tree From the Ceiling?
Certain precautions should be taken when hanging an artificial Christmas tree from the ceiling. (building the Christmas tree image by Katrina Miller from

Hanging an artificial tree from the ceiling is an unconventional approach to holiday decorating, but it's definitely possible.


Although upside-down evergreen trees have made an appearance in recent years as a Christmas decoration, they're not without historical precedence. During the 17th and 18th centuries in Germany and Austria, it was customary to hang the upended top of a tree in the corner and decorate it with nuts, apples and ribbons of red paper.


Artificial Christmas trees of all sizes can be rigged to hang from the ceiling. One approach is to measure the height of the room and pick a tree based on how close to the ground the top of it should be.


In addition to serving as a striking holiday decoration, an upside-down Christmas tree can free up floor space for presents and keep ornaments out of the reach of curious pets.


Most artificial Christmas trees come disassembled for easy storage. Before hanging an assembled tree, all parts must be very firmly glued together. In addition, the tree stand should be tightly affixed to the ceiling and tested for sturdiness before decorating. Upside-down trees are not recommended for families with small children.

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