The Average Cost of Eye Glasses

Written by katlyn joy | 13/05/2017
The Average Cost of Eye Glasses
Nearly 150 million Americans wear eyeglasses. (eyeglasses image by Pix by Marti from

Eyeglasses range in price depending on the complexity of the prescription, the type of frames chosen, and where the glasses are purchased. Different add-on features also increase the price of the eyewear.


According to the National Association of Vision Care Plans, the average price of eyeglasses is £170 including both frames and lenses. An eye examination will cost another £32 to £65 on average.


Bifocals or trifocals are more costly than standard lenses, and no-line bifocals are priced even higher. Having extras such as scratch-resistant coating or antiglare coating will edge up the price as well.


Along with the types of lenses and frames chosen, choosing where to purchase eyeglasses is a big factor in cost. Generally, warehouse clubs and Internet retailers have lower prices than optometrists' offices or chain stores. However, for quality follow-up service you might consider paying a little more if you can afford to.

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