How to remove the flaking coating from my eyeglasses

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A scratch in the lens of your eyeglasses, which can be frustrating and expensive to fix, can impair your eyesight. To help minimise this occurrence, many eyeglass manufacturers will cover their lenses in a protective coating that helps make them more scratch-resistant.

It is not uncommon for this coating to start flaking off of the glass as the lenses age, thereby resulting in an uneven look on the glass. Removing the flaking coating from the eyeglasses needs to be done carefully but it is usually a simple process.

Spray the lenses with a solution of warm water and white vinegar in a half-and-half solution. Wipe the solution away with a lens cloth or microfiber towel. This cleans any other oils or dirt from the lenses.

Lay a microfiber cloth over your finger and then place a drop of sunscreen onto the cloth where your fingertip is. Sunscreen will help remove the coating from the lens.

Rub the sunscreen into the lens, always keeping the microfiber between your fingertip and the lens to avoid smudging or scratching. Use minimal pressure to avoid scratching and then gradually increase pressure as needed.

Continue applying sunscreen to both sides of the lenses and rubbing it in until the coating is all gone. This may take some time as the coating is resistant to removal.

Rinse the lenses under water once the coating is gone and then reclean them with the vinegar solution to remove any remaining traces of the sunscreen.