How to Buy Live Crawfish

Updated April 17, 2017

Crayfish are a Cajun delicacy enjoyed by locals in the three main states where crayfish reside: Texas, Mississippi, and of course, Louisiana (crayfish). Living outside of the region in which crayfish reside doesn't disable you from enjoying crayfish for yourself, you just need to know how and where to buy them.

Buying Crawfish Locally

If you reside anywhere in the gulf coast region you will be able to purchase live crayfish at local grocery stores (Boil Crawfish). The supply of crayfish will be most consistent and readily available for purchase during the peak months, which range from mid-March to mid-May (The Cajun Shop).

Buying Crawfish Online

If crayfish are not available at your local grocery store, you can order them online from a crayfish distributor. Most of these distributors are located in the heart of crayfish country--Louisiana--and offer various shipping options. You can choose to have the live crayfish shipped overnight on ice directly to your door, shipped to your local airport for pickup, and some even deliver to farms through regional trucking (Louisiana Crawfish Co.).

Buying Crawfish from Restaurants

Another way to buy crayfish is by researching the restaurants in your area (Boil Crawfish). If certain restaurants offer crayfish on the menu during the peak season, they will be receiving shipments in large quantities during that time. When asked, many restaurants will oblige your request to purchase a sack of crayfish from their supply for a fraction of the cost (Boil Crawfish).

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