Who Will Pick Up Old Furniture?

Updated April 17, 2017

Replacing furniture is an essential step in many redecorating plans, but getting rid of the old stuff can be a problem. Depending upon the quality of the furniture, you may not only have it picked up for free, but you might even make some money on the deal.

Very Good Condition

Antique stores and consignment shops will buy old furniture in very good condition, and many will pick it up for free. If the furniture is slightly worn, post a classified ad in the newspaper or on a website like Craigslist, and specify that the buyer will have to pick it up himself.

Good Condition

If the furniture is slightly worn but still safe and operational, donate it to a charity. Organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will schedule a pick up your furniture for free, and will give you a receipt that could garner you a tax break in return. Pickup schedules fill up fast, so call around to your local charities to see who has a pickup available on your schedule.

Fair Condition

If the furniture is worn and stained but can still be used, put it out by your curb and post a "Curb Alert" ad in the newspaper classifieds or on a community classifieds website. As long as it's free, chances are good that someone will come take it.

Poor Condition

If the furniture is in very bad shape and not salvageable, it belongs at the local dump or salvage yard. Call your City Hall to find out when bulk garbage pickup is, usually weekly or monthly. If your area does not have bulk pickup, you may have to pay a junk hauler to take it away. These companies charge by the size of the item, and depending upon how much furniture you have to take away, can cost a good bit of money.

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