Natural remedy for pantry moths

Written by sandra rousseau | 13/05/2017
Natural remedy for pantry moths
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Pantry moths and their larvae are a big nuisance, not to mention unappetizing and disgusting to find in your food. You can rid your home of pantry moths without using toxic pesticides.

Throw Out

Remove everything from your pantry and inspect each item individually for moth infestation. Thoroughly check the most likely culprits, which include flour, rice, cookies, cereal, cake mixes, birdseed, dog food, or any dry food with a high starch or sugar content. Throw away infested foods in a dustbin that is kept outdoors.

Clean Up

Once your pantry is completely empty, vacuum all surfaces, including walls, floors, and the undersides of shelves. Wash all surfaces with hot, soapy water and allow to air-dry. Wash all can goods; their surfaces can harbour microscopic larvae.

Put Your Freezer to good Use

Put any foods you suspect are infested in the freezer for four days. This will kill any moths, larvae and eggs.

Pheromone Traps

Use non-toxic pheromone traps to lure moths into a box of sticky glue, trapping them for good.

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