Wordpad to PDF freeware

Written by m.a. helt | 13/05/2017

Microsoft WordPad is a basic word processing program that lets users create, edit, view, and print text documents. WordPad can save documents as .rtf, .txt and .odt file types. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed you can also create PDF documents. Acrobat is an expensive software application, but luckily there are several free alternatives for saving WordPad files as PDFs.

Primo PDF

Primo PDF, a product of Nitro Software, offers two PDF conversion solutions. You can download the freeware, install it on your computer, and use it to convert your WordPad file to PDF. Primo PDF also offers an online conversion tool which allows you to upload the WordPad file and provide your e-mail address. The converted PDF file is e-mailed within minutes. See References for download information.

CutePDF Writer

CutePDF writer is also a free downloadable option. Unlike Primo, which is a second piece of software, CutePDF installs as a print driver. To use it, simply create your document, select print, choose CutePDF as your printer and hit the print button. You'll be prompted to save your PDF file. Download CutePDF in the references section


Another option for a free PDF printer is BullZip. BullZip works in the same manner as CutePDF, but is only free if limited to personal use or commercial use for less than 10 users. If you'd like to use BullZip in a commercial setting with more than 10 users you should purchase the commercial version. Download BullZip from the reference section below.

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