Why Does my Printer Print PDF Pages in Reverse Order?

Updated April 17, 2017

Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) so authors can easily share documents with others, even if the recipients do not have the same software used to create the original file. PDF documents are viewed and printed exactly as the creator designed them. Additionally, PDF documents are read-only so they're safe from unauthorised edits.

Why Does a PDF Print in Reverse Order?

PDF files print in reverse order as a result of an initial setting in the application. Documents print in reverse order so that the first page will be on top when the document printing is complete. Therefore, the user can easily pick up the document from the printer and it will be in the correct order.

How to Change Reverse-Order Printing in Adobe Reader

Reverse-order printing can be changed within the Print Options screen in Adobe Reader. Click the printer icon, then click "Reverse Pages." The documents will now print in the correct order.

How to Change Reverse-Order Printing in Microsoft Word

Within Microsoft Word, click "File" and then click "Print." From the Print Options screen, click "Options." When the Options screen opens, check the "Reverse print order" check box and click "OK."

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