How to buy digital versions of films

Updated July 19, 2017

With the convenience of devices such as laptops and iPods, portable entertainment now includes films. You'll find a number of ways to purchase digital versions of the films you want to own.

Digital copy

Along with the films themselves, many new DVDs and Blu-ray disks come with digital copies of the films. The digital copy comes on a separate disk that will not play on a regular DVD player, but works when inserted into any disk drive. The film case contains a unique code that grants access to a download link.


With a registered iTunes account, customers can browse an extensive digital film library with prices ranging from £3.20 to £12.90 for high definition.

Amazon provides more than 75,000 films and TV programmess with its Video on Demand programme. Download prices are similar to those of iTunes. provides the opportunity to play digital versions of films on a television for an additional fee.


Anyone with access to the Internet can buy goods on eBay. The eBay UK policy however does not allow the sale of direct downloads so you will have to receive your digital versions of your favourite films on DVD through the post.

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