How Much Does Cosmetic Dental Bonding Cost?

Updated April 17, 2017

Cosmetic dental bonding is a process that corrects crooked teeth, closes gaps and restores teeth that are decaying. Dentists place a thin layer of plastic on the surface of the tooth, hiding stains, chips and gaps. The last step involves applying bonding, colour and polish to give the plastic a more natural appearance.

Price Determination

The price for cosmetic dental boding will vary by location and dentist. The price will also depend on the procedure and amount of work that you require.

Average Price

The average price for most patients ranges from £195 to £390 for each individual tooth. The cost may be less if the damage or gap is small, or more if there is extensive damage.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies may cover dental bonding. These companies are more likely to cover the cost if it is a reconstructive procedure.


Cosmetic dental bonding will last up to 11 years through normal wear. Once it becomes loose or discoloured, it is time to replace the dental bonding.

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