How Can I Purchase a Single ISBN?

Updated April 17, 2017

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the identifying code for books published in the United States. Retailers, online booksellers and Internet search engines use ISBNs to catalogue books in their databases. You can purchase single ISBN for self-published books through Bowker, the official ISBN agency of the United States.

Standard Package

Single ISBNs can be purchased in two different packages. The standard package includes an ISBN, an SEO Title Card web page and inclusion in the search-optimised open web title index. An SEO Title Card web page is a site containing all the information about your book and can easily be found by Internet search engines. Standard packages begin at £81.

Premium Package

A premium package is also available when purchasing a single ISBN. It contains all the benefits of the standard package plus an interactive widget for your book, hyperlinks to online retailers, social media capabilities and comprehensive site tracking and analysis. Premium packages begin at £120.


An ISBN makes it possible for suppliers to find and order your book. The 13-digit bar code makes it easy for your book to be processed and sold by publishers and retailers that use electronic cataloguing and point-of-sale systems. An ISBN also provides an accurate way to track your book's marketing and sales.

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