Email etiquette for kids

Written by christine gutierrez | 13/05/2017
Email etiquette for kids
E-mail is used by many kids. (child and laptop image by Renata Osinska from

E-mail is a fast form of communication, which can be both good and bad. Following some simple tips can help avoid communication problems you may regret later.

Use of Capital Letters

Avoid e-mailing in all capital letters, because on the Internet typing in all capital letters means you are "yelling" at someone.


Without being able to hear your tone of voice or see your expression, it's hard for the reader to know the tone of your e-mail. If you are joking around, using a smiley face :) can let your reader know you are having fun and not being mean.

Avoid Insults

The email you write will last a lot longer than your mood. If you are upset with someone, avoid writing them an insulting e-mail. It's best to take a deep breath and think things over before e-mailing someone something insulting.

Your Email May Not Be Private

Your e-mail can be forwarded to anyone, so remember that what you write privately in an e-mail may not be kept private. It's best to keep sensitive information out of e-mail.

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