Free online diabetes & insulin training

Updated April 17, 2017

In July of 2010, the National Health Service (NHS) Diabetes organisation of the UK initiated a free online insulin safety training course with the help of the National Healthcare e-Academy. A Rapid Response Report by the NHS National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) mandated the free online insulin training program to decrease insulin related incidences.


NHS and the Healthcare e-Academy provide the online insulin e-learning course for free to all health care workers who prepare, prescribe and administer insulin to patients. The Healthcare e-Academy only requires that health care workers register before they can take the online insulin training, for completion tracking purposes.

The Program

After completing the Healthcare e-Academy registration, you can choose to take a voluntary e-learning system tutorial or go directly into the online insulin training. The NHS e-learning course gives a quiz at the end to verify trainee comprehension. After completing the quiz, you can print a learner certificate and are required to complete a feedback questionnaire. You must finish the questionnaire for the course to register as "complete" under your name.

Technical Information

The Healthcare e-Academy recommends taking the NHS online insulin e-learning course with the sound on so that you can hear the provided narration. Enable your browser's pop-ups in order to access all the content provided by NHS during the course. You can access the Healthcare e-Academy site from any computer that has an Internet connection.

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