What is a princess line dress?

Updated November 21, 2016

A princess line dress is a variation of the A-line dress. To understand what a princess line dress looks like, you must first grasp the understanding of an A-line dress. Because of the similarities between the dress types, it is important to note the linear lines that the princess line dress creates from the bodice of the dress to its hem line.

Decription of an A-line Dress

An A-line dress style is tight at the bodice and flares out toward the bottom of the dress. Because the dress looks like the outline of an upper case A, it is called an "A-line" dress. From the bottom of the bust to the hem line, the A-line dress should progress smoothly. The A-line dress is timeless and very versatile. It can be worn to very formal affairs but can also be a great option for casual events.

Who can wear an A-line dress?

A-line dresses can be worn by many body types because of their use of vertical seeming, which helps define any waistline. You can find A-line dresses in any length, and this is why this particular cut flatters most body types.

Princess line dress

A princess line dress is a more dramatic take on the A-line cut. The princess line dress cut is the most dramatic variation of the A-line dress. The style highlights the bodice portion of the dress by using linear seaming and panels that start from the neckline of the dress and continue to the hem. The princess dress produces a slimming effect because these linear panels draw an observer's eye lengthwise down the seams of the dress.

Fabrics that work best

Because the A-line and princess line dress styles are so versatile, there are many fabrics you can choose. So, consider the occasion. Charmeuse silk is a great option for a simple but beautiful look because of the fabric's ability to flow softly. Choose peau de soie, a type of silk, or satin if you are looking for a formal but together look because these fabrics maintain their shape. A-line and princess line dresses can also be embellished by using lace over top the base fabric or beadwork.

What makes the style so great?

Because A-line and princess line dresses are flattering on most body types, this dress style tends to be very popular. The princess line dress is most appealing because it creates a lean, long, linear look, which benefits shorter women or those with wider waists. The cut and fullness of these dresses hide larger lower bodies as well. If you try on an A-line or princess line dress, chances are you'll look great in it.

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