Roller Blade Vs. Quad Skates

Written by d.v. klenak | 13/05/2017

If you're new to skating, you are probably trying to figure out the differences between roller blades and quad skates. It all depends on your individual interest and preference.


Roller blades are designed with speed in mind. Quad skates are designed for both speed and agility since the wheels of quad skates touch more surface area of the floor.


Roller blade wheels are softer and much thinner than quad skate wheels. They can also be used both indoors and out. Roller blades can have four or five wheels per skate. Quad skates have wider wheels and only have four wheels to a skate. Quad skates often need to have the wheels changed for indoor and outdoor wheels.


Both roller blades and quad skates are designed for speed skating as well as recreational rink skating. Roller blades go faster than quad skates and roller blades are also better for distance skating outdoors. Quad skates are more agile, and therefore better suited for such sports as roller derby or artistic skating.


Quad skates can be easier to learn on because the wheels are designed to be wider and form a box-like pattern. Roller blades are lighter and can be used both indoors and outdoors without needing to change the wheels.


Quad skates are much heavier than roller blades. Learning to roller blade, however, can be much more difficult because the wheels are aligned down the centre like an ice skate, requiring much more balance than skating on quads.


Both skates work the same muscles, but quad skates tend to burn your muscles out faster because the skates are heavier. Roller blades are designed to accommodate distance skaters, therefore many people find they can roller blade longer than if they were to skate with quad skates.

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