Job description for an industrial cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

An industrial cleaner typically cleans large industrial facilities or equipment, working with high-powered equipment and tools. In some cases, they work under hazardous circumstances.


Due to the nature of the work, there are no universal education requirements for this position. Most training can be done on the job, and the potential hazardous conditions doesn't usually attract many candidates.


An industrial cleaner's function is to clean, sanitise and prepare equipment, buildings, and hazardous areas for public use, and to provide a better overall appearance.


Using high-powered cleaning equipment and chemicals, the cleaner's responsibilities include scrubbing, pressure washing, polishing, and sanitising assigned areas, equipment or buildings to required standards for health and safety, occupation and/or cleanliness.

Work Environment

Many industrial cleaners work in hazardous areas, which can include extreme heights or areas that have been restricted from the general public. Work typically involves using safety equipment and uniforms to help ensure their safety.


In October of 2009, listed an average salary for industrial cleaners of £14,300 to £16,900 per year.

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