Argumentative essay topics on weather issues

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Argumentative essays use facts and persuasion to change the reader's beliefs. The writer must research a topic, collect useful information, evaluate the evidence and then establish a position on the matter. A strong thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will discuss.

Body paragraphs provide details and evidential support. An argumentative essay on weather issues identifies problems and how the problems can be solved to save lives.

Hurricane Awareness

The National Hurricane Center states that a lack of awareness and preparation is common in hurricane disasters. An argumentative essay on hurricanes focuses on ways to educate the public on hurricane hazards. Present several ways to inform people about possible storm surges, high winds and flooding. Likewise, the essay can discuss reasons why it is important for every family to have an evacuation plan for the home. Family plans provide details on where members should meet, who to call and a route of escape from the home.

Tornado Alert Systems

Tornadoes are destructive forces of nature that result in injuries and death. Many tornadoes form spontaneously and give no warning to residents in the community. An argumentative essay on this topic tries to persuade local and national government officials to improve tornado alert systems. Improved technology will allow people more warning time to find a safe location. Meteorologists use weather radars to detect storms; however, increased funding for research could help for earlier detection. Use a real life case study of a family affected by a tornado disaster to emphasise the argument.

Natural Disaster Clean-up

Clean up and recovery after a storm or flood can be dangerous for the volunteer workers. An argumentative essay stresses the importance of safety for clean up crews. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that damaged buildings pose dangers and workers should only enter them in the daylight hours. The essay should also mention avoiding hazards like gas leaks or lose electrical wiring. Workers should be trained on the importance of wearing hard hats, goggles, gloves and steel-toed boots. An argumentative essay on disaster clean up persuades communities to train volunteers before sending the volunteers to do clean up work.

Global Warming

The global warming debate offers discussion on whether the temperature of the earth is rising. Sceptics of the global warming debate claim that there are not enough scientific facts to prove climate change. An argumentative essay on global warming can take either side of the debate. Discuss issues of animal extinction and melting ice caps as a result of global warming. Some arguments have suggested that an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes is a result of global warming. The essay should discuss both sides of the argument before claiming which has more validity.