What Can You Use As Gerbil Bedding?

Updated February 12, 2018

For a happy gerbil, supply bedding that allows him to have fun burrowing, chewing and playing, along with a cosy place to nest. Several bedding materials make good options to keep your gerbil healthy and content.


Bedding should make up about the bottom third of the gerbil's cage. It can be made up of three layers with a foundation, support and burrow material, and nesting material.


Sand or cat litter, or a mixture, can serve as the bottom layer. Gerbils like to dig and scratch in this material, and it is much like their natural habitat.


The next layer functions as burrowing and chewing material. A variety of substances work well, including peat, sawdust, straw, wood shavings and toilet paper roll tubes.


Gerbils like toilet tissue for nesting material. Toilet tissue is fluffy and soft, and also very safe compared to paper strips sold in pet stores.


Certain types of wood should be avoided, such as pine and cedar, which can be irritating to gerbils. Also, fibrous material, such as cloth pieces, cotton or wool, should be avoided.

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