What Kind of Clothing Do Men Wear in Pakistan?

Walking down any urban street anywhere in the world, you will see men wearing the same thing---jeans and a t-shirt, a suit,or some similar combination. Yet there are differences among cultures that boast a special traditional style. Here's what to expect in Pakistan.


While Western-style clothing for men is commonly worn in Pakistan today, many men also wear traditional clothes highlighted by plain, comfortable loose-fitting styles.

The Salwar Kameez

The salwar kameez is a traditional dress worn by both men (and women) that is seen frequently on Pakistani streets. It is really two garments---the salwar is a loose-fitting trouser, and the kameez is a long-sleeved tunic that extends below the thigh.

The Sherwani and Achkan

Sherwanis are worn over a salwar kameez. They are made from a heavy fabric and serve as a coat for warmth. Like the salwar kameez the men's version is usually plain with minimal (or no) embroidery. The achkan is a long coat, and sometimes goes as low as below the knee.


Pakistani men commonly combine Western and traditional wear---perhaps jeans with a kameez. This "cultural blending" extends to many areas besides dress such as music.


Traditional clothing is worn at celebrations, holidays and significant events such as weddings symbolising a link between present and past.

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