Party Ideas for an 8-Year-Old Girl

Updated February 21, 2017

A girl turning 8 years old has definite likes and dislikes about parties, but she also may have some grandiose ideas about what her party should be. Stick with a budget and set limits. She can have a birthday she'll never forget with a little planning and creativity.


An 8-year-old girl might be a big fan of Hannah Montana, fairies, dragons, Harry Potter or animals. Use one of her interests as the party theme and organise activities and decorations around it.


A local community centre, church hall or playground can be used for an 8-year-old's party. Cleanup is outside your home and kids have more room to run and play. Just make sure you can serve food, decorate and hold activities in the space you have chosen.


Fit the food to the theme, or keep it easy with lots of snacks, cookies, fruit, cheese and crackers, mini hot dogs and ice cream. Serve less-staining drinks like water, Sprite and lemonade. Have an assortment of options for guests with varying food preferences.


Children this age are quite competitive. If the party has access to the outdoors, have traditional games like spoon races, hopscotch, tag, or sack races. Indoors, choose activities like musical chairs, ping-pong, air hockey, or a scavenger hunt.


Decorate with bright colours that fit your theme or coordinate with each other. Streamers and balloons offer low-budget decor; vinyl wall clings can transform the party. Colour combinations to try? Pink and orange, lavender and black, or blue, green and silver.


Eight-year-olds love getting loot, so focus on quantity with favours and goody bags. Inexpensive candy, plastic toys, and themed items such as bookmarks, bandannas, pencils and notebooks will send kids home happy. Guests can also make crafts during the party, like foam door hangers, mini tote bags or colourful barrettes.

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