Decorating ideas for a pastor's anniversary

Written by monica patrick | 13/05/2017

Pastoral anniversaries are often marked with celebrations called Pastor Appreciation Days. Before these celebrations take place, preparations are made. You'll need to create a festive environment to make your pastor and his family feel appreciated.


Make a big banner to hang that expresses how your congregation feels about the pastor. It might say, "Thanks" or "We appreciate you".

Photo Montage

On a wall in the room the celebration will be held, post a photo montage of the past year. This should include pictures of people the pastor has helped or fun events that took place at your church.

Money Trees

Place an small undecorated Christmas tree on a table and encourage people to pin money to the tree. You could decorate the tree with crosses and Christmas lights. After the event give the money to the pastor as a gift.


For decorative centrepieces use fibre-optic crosses that light up and change colours. You can buy some that run on batteries and won't require plugging in to electrical sockets.


Make balloon cascades by tying balloon strings together and attaching them to centrepieces or decorative balloon anchors. You could also make a brightly coloured balloon arch for the pastor to walk under as he enters the celebration.

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