Gift ideas for a drama teacher

Written by robin lang | 13/05/2017

It takes a special type of person to become a drama teacher. High energy, endless enthusiasm for the students, and a love of producing plays are required. Give a gift that recognises this devotion.

Theatre Tickets

Give a drama teacher the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a show instead of having to perform all the work involved in preparing for a show.

Movie Gift Basket

Many of the most popular plays have movie versions such as The Lion King, Hairspray, and The Phantom of the Opera. Give a basket filled with microwaveable popcorn, candy, and a movie rental gift card.

Director Gift Basket

To help the drama teacher while he or she is producing a show include a megaphone, throat lozenges, a whistle, and a set of walkie-talkies to communicate with the backstage crew.


A subscription to a publication that focuses on theatre can help drama teachers find inspiration, continuing education offerings, and grant opportunities. Some options include American Theatre Magazine and Comparative Drama.

Drama Masks

The comedy and tragedy masks can be found on a number of items including posters, stationary, rings, necklaces, charm bracelets, and pins.

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