How far in advance should you renew your passport?

Updated April 17, 2017

Passport holders should renew their passports at least six months before the passport expires. Andrea Sachs at the Washington Post states that some countries require passports to remain valid for six months after tourists land in the country. Passports can take up to six weeks to arrive if renewing by mail, so applying eight months in advance is safest.

It's Never Too Soon

It is always better to renew far in advance than worry about it right before travelling, according to Sachs. The U.S. Embassy states that passport holders can renew their passports any time, regardless of when they expire. Jane Engle at the Los Angeles Times also points out that application mistakes can lengthen the renewal process by weeks.

Bottom Line

People with travel plans should renew their passports at least two months before their travel dates if their passports are set to expire within six months of departure.

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