Information on Yorkiepoo Puppies

Yorkiepoo, or yorkie poo, puppies are a mixed breed of poodles and Yorkshire terriers---with the mother typically being a toy poodle and the father being a Yorkshire terrier. These small dogs exhibit the traits of their parent breeds and are a popular choice among homeowners with little children. They also make excellent companions for the elderly.

Why Interbreed

Purebred dogs often have inherited health problems. Puppies born of two similar breed parents frequently inherit the genetic mix of their parents, along with the health problems of one or both. Interbreeding introduces new genes and facilitates genetic diversity--allowing the new breed to cope with any inherited problems.

Other Names

Yorkiepoo puppies are also called yo-yopoo and Yorkiedoodle. The International Designer Canine Registry, which lists designer/hybrid dog breeds, officially registers them as Yorkipoo.


Yorkiepoos are protective, friendly, frisky, energetic, smart and extremely loyal.

According to Jill C. Wheeler in the book "Yorkie-Poos," yorkiepoo puppies combine the friskiness and high spirits of a Yorkshire terrier and the low-dander, low-shedding coat of a poodle.

Yorkiepoo puppies are good with children but younger children must be monitored.

Physical Characteristics

Yorkiepoo puppies grow to a height ranging from 6 to 9 inches. Adult yorkipoos commonly weigh between 1.81 and 6.35 Kilogram. Yorkiepoo puppies are white, silver, black, apricot or tan---depending on the genetic combination of their parent breeds.


Yorkiepoo puppies combine the best traits of poodles and Yorkies. Although their breeders try hard to eliminate many of the health problems associated with their parent breeds, regular veterinarian examinations are important.

Yorkiepoo puppies have silky, soft coats that require daily combing and brushing. It is important to keep their hair off their eyes to prevent eye problems.

Yorkiepoo puppies need to be vaccinated against common diseases. Puppies should be administered their first distemper and parvo (DHLPP) vaccine between 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age, with additional boosters every 2 weeks for the next two months.

Diseases that yorkiepoo puppies are prone to include luxating patellas, Legg-Calve'-Perthes disease, eye diseases and hip dysplasia.

Yorkiepoo puppies are feisty and energetic. They need regular walks and lots of playtime.


Yorkiepoo puppies are small and make excellent apartment dogs. Their coats do not shed, making them a fine choice of pet for allergy sufferers. Yorkiepoo puppies are highly trainable owing to their intelligence and are quick to learn commands and new tricks.

Purchase and Adoption Information

Yorkiepoo puppies can be adopted from private, experienced breeders and licensed kennels. Their price ranges from £97 up to £975, depending on whether their parents well full bred or mixes.

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