How to Receive Text Messages on a Home Phone

Updated July 19, 2017

Text messaging is a way to communicate with someone without having to place a call. It is convenient for you if you need to relay something to someone, but can't place a call because you are in a meeting or in waiting room and not allowed to talk on cell phones. Not everyone owns a cell phone, so if you need to send a text, home phones or landlines can be set up to receive your text messages.

Access the text message or messaging symbol on your cell phone. Your text message screen will open with recipient and text boxes, depending on your cell phone.

Type in the recipient's 10-digit home phone number in the recipient box.

Type the text message in the text box spelling out the words if possible, as opposed to using abbreviations.

Click "Send." Depending on your wireless carrier, you may receive a text message stating your message will be sent to a landline, according to Virgin Mobile.

The recipient's home phone will ring once the text message has been sent. According to Sprint Wireless, the recipient will hear your text message being read to them or it will go to the answering machine or voicemail. You will receive a confirmation text message stating your text was received. The recipient will be given the option to reply to your text message which you can access from your cell phone's voicemail.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Recipient's home phone number
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