Information on Springer Spaniel Puppies

Updated April 17, 2017

The Springer spaniel is a well rounded dog breed that can potentially work well for a number of different individuals. Before you consider adding a Springer spaniel puppy to your home you should consider some things. Having background information on the breed can be helpful.


The Springer spaniel is one of the oldest dog breeds. Although it originated in England, it became popular in the United States in the 1700s. These spaniels make excellent gundogs and hunters.


The Springer spaniel is a breed that is eager to learn and please its owner. It is important to instil good habits in your Springer during puppyhood; this will make for an easier and a more obedient adult dog. Springers are highly intelligent; however they do have a tendency to chew and get into mischief if left alone for long periods. It is important to have toys left out for your puppy so he does not destroy your belongings. Although they make excellent watch dogs, Springers are also great family pets and love children.

Physical Description

You can expect a Springer spaniel puppy to grow up to be a medium-sized dog. Springers have long wavy ears that fall just below their jaw. Spingers also have a medium-length silky coat. That coat will be white with brown or black markings ranging in various patterns and spots. When it comes to grooming, this breed will only need a bath several times a year. However, make sure to brush the dog on a daily basis to remove dead hair and debris that may become entangled in the coat. As an adult you can expect this breed to weigh between 18.1 and 24.9kg. The Springer can be between 18 and 21 inches tall.

Life Expectancy

You can expect your Springer spaniel to live 12 to 14 years.


This breed is prone to a number of problems including hip dysplasia, heart problems, weight gain and epilepsy. It is important to take your Springer to the vet often to catch early warning signs of these common health problems.

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