What are the advantages of flail mowers?

Updated March 23, 2017

Flail mowers are one of the many types of mowers that exist—consisting of a long horizontal rotor with rows of free swinging blades or ‘flails.’ The flail mower works by beating the grass with a blade and breaking off the tips of the grass. They come in a variety of sizes and have many advantages.

Cutting Ability

Flail mowers are usually attached to heavy tractors and are not designed to cut any woody objects other than saplings or limbs; however, there are some flail mower-heads that can cut limbs and trees with diameters up to 4 inches.

Side Debris

Another advantage of flail mowers is that they do not grab and throw anything to the left or right sides of the mower during cutting. This feature of the flail mower makes it very useful for small places, such as streets or close to buildings.

Cut Grass Appearance

The flail mower cuts the grass in a very distinctive and different way compared to most rotary mowers. Normally, flails are Y-shaped, or half-Y shaped. Cut grass will usually have a ridged or combed over appearance.

Three Head Options

Three types of flail mower-heads exist. They include rough, fine and smooth cut heads. The users can choose the type that they need. For example, smooth flails are normally used for large-scale cutting, such as on golf courses or soccer fields. Control of cutting height may be determined by the tractor's three-point hitch; although in some models an adjustable rear roller for controlling height is present, usually ranging from 0 to 6 inches.

Alternative Uses For Flail Mowers

A flail mower is more effective on wet grass compared to the majority of rotary types because the discharge area reaches the full width of the machine. People also use some flail mowers to more closely cut fine lawns by reversing the drums, changing the position of the blades to swing forward at the bottom and up in the front; however, this use of the flail lawnmower is not possible or recommended for all models.

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