LCD TV Lifespan

Written by brian bores
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If you own an LCD TV, the good news is that this kind of television usually lasts longer than its rival the plasma TV. The bad news is that LCD TVs generally don't last longer than what most manufactures say they will. However, if you take proper care of your TV, you should be able to enjoy it for many years.


The average LCD TV lasts about 60,000 hours, according to the LCD TV Buying Guide website. Most manufactures claim that you can get 80,000 hours out of an LCD TV, but that would be under controlled lighting and temperature conditions.

Light Source

The lifespan of the light source inside an LCD TV determines how long the TV will last. The TV's picture is powered by lamps that wear out over time. The light source also helps maintain a proper white balance for the picture. If your TV doesn't have a proper white balance, you may notice that the picture has a red tint to it, for example.

Contrast Setting

The contrast setting plays a major role in your TV's lifespan. Setting the contrast too high will make the light source wear out sooner. Keep the contrast setting relative to the amount of light in the room. If the room where you watch the TV has a lot of ambient light, turn up the contrast a little. However, if you watch TV in a relatively dark room, turn down the contrast.


Pay close attention to your TV's warranty. Some lamps are replaceable, but others are built into the TV, meaning that you would have to buy a new TV if the light source wears out. LCD TV Buying Guide says that Sharp is the only manufacturer that has replaceable lamps.


Flat Panel offers some tips on LCD TVs. First, buy a good brand. Most name-brand TVs are more expensive, but the parts are of much higher quality than those of lesser-known brands. Second, don't mount the TV on a wall that has a fireplace, because of the heat. Third, turn off your TV when you aren't watching it.

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