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CIRO has been in business for nearly 100 years and offers a beautiful selection of good quality jewellery. Much of their jewellery is suitable for everyday wearing, but they offer many pieces that are valuable enough to keep tucked away for that special night on the town.


CIRO began as a mail order jewellery company in 1917. The first CIRO retail store opened in 1920 in Burlington Arcade, located just off Piccadilly in Central London. The business did very well and in 1928 went public, expanding their jewellery line to all types of gold, costume jewellery and cultured pearls. CIRO continued to grow and eventually opened stores in New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco. The expansion continued with stores in the Middle East, Israel, Australia, Germany, Austria, Monaco and other locations around the world. The jewellery company was purchased in 1994 by a highly respected retailer John Shannon. The business is family owned and managed with a very devoted group of employees.


CIRO jewellery is predominantly high-end costume jewellery. Their jewellery line includes rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, both pierced and clip-on varieties, and watches.


CIRO uses gold plating, rhodium plating and rhodium plated sterling silver in their jewellery designs. Rhodium plating is included in the group of six platinum metals. It is a non-oxidising precious metal that is very hard, dense and corrosion resistant with a high melting point. It is whiter in colour than platinum and is often used for electroplating fine jewellery.


Cubic Zirconia is the most predominantly used stone in CIRO jewellery. They use several different colours and cuts. Some of their pieces can be ordered in different colours. Sapphire blue, pink and canary yellow are a few of the available options. They offer freshwater pearl and imitation pearl jewellery as well.


CIRO offers watches with bands of rhodium plate or nickel free stainless steel set with crystals. They also sell watches with leather bands. Most of the watches have decorative faces set with crystals.


Prices vary widely for CIRO jewellery. They have Rhodium plate clip-on earrings available for about £13 and rhodium plated sterling silver Cubic Zirconia pierced earrings costing over £227. Their watches range from £48 to £97 for those with leather bands. Watches with stone set bands cost around £162. The bracelets range in price from about £22 for imitation pearl to over £520 for a gold plated Cubic Zirconia bracelet.

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