Pakistan Double-Citizenship Agreements

Written by heather carreiro | 13/05/2017
Pakistan Double-Citizenship Agreements
Pakistan has a dual-citizenship agreement with 13 countries. (open passport image by charles taylor from

While Pakistani citizens were originally banned from acquiring dual citizenship, the Pakistani government has 13 dual-citizenship agreements as of 2010. According to the Pakistani Ministry of Interior, any Pakistani citizen who acquires a citizenship from a country other than the 13 nations specified must renounce his Pakistani citizenship and relinquish all associated rights.

European Countries

The majority of countries that allow dual citizenship with Pakistan are located in Europe. These countries include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. Citizens of these nine European countries who were born in Pakistan, have married a Pakistani national or who are of Pakistani descent are eligible to apply for Pakistani citizenship. Of these countries, the United Kingdom had the highest number of Pakistani immigrants in 2009, with 800,000.

North American Countries

Both the United States and Canada have dual-citizenship agreements with Pakistan. As of 2009, it was estimated that around 600,000 Pakistanis lived in the United States and about 250,000 lived in Canada. Not all of these North American nationals have dual citizenship, but both countries have sizeable immigrant communities of Pakistani descent.

Pacific Countries

Pakistan has dual-citizenship agreements with Australia and New Zealand, although these countries have considerably smaller Pakistani immigrant populations than the United Kingdom, United States or Canada. At the same time, as immigration restrictions become stricter in European and North American countries, more Pakistanis are looking to the Pacific region as an immigration option.

Middle Eastern Countries

The majority of expatriate Pakistanis, roughly 2 million people as of 2009, live in the Middle East. More than half of these people live in Saudi Arabia, which does not have a dual-citizenship agreement with Pakistan. While living and working in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or any of the other Gulf countries, Pakistanis can maintain only one citizenship. On the other hand, Pakistan has dual-citizenship agreements with Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Other Countries

Dual-citizenship agreements can change from time to time or be relinquished if political relations sour between two countries. If you have any questions, contact your nearest Pakistani embassy or consulate. You can also contact the Pakistani Ministry of Interior in Islamabad with any questions regarding citizenship or the application process. Note that officers who answer the phone will be most comfortable speaking in Urdu.

Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior R Block, Pak Secretariat Islamabad, Pakistan 011 +92-51-920-3250

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