Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Written by john lindell
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Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Information
The Springer is athletic and full of energy. (English springer spaniel image by Jeff Dalton from Fotolia.com)

The English Springer Spaniel, a member of the sporting group of canines, got its name from the habit of hunting for birds with the dog, where the dog would roust the bird from cover and cause it to spring into the air. The English Springer Spaniel, according to Terrific Pets.com, has a friendly carefree temperament and is a dog that wants to please its owners.


The male Springer Spaniel averages between 19 inches and 21 inches in height at its shoulders and weighs in the neighbourhood of 20.4 to 24.9 Kilogram. Female Springer Spaniels are about an inch or two shorter and approximately 2.27 Kilogram less in weight. The Springer Spaniel can live as long as 12 to 14 years, and the average size of a litter of puppies for this breed is from five to seven.


The Springer has medium length hair, making it a moderate shedder, with a variety of colours available for this breed. Some Springers may be black and white, while others can have a combination of white and liver colours. The eyebrows, inside part of the ears, beneath the tail and the cheeks of a Springer can be tan. The Springers used as field trial dogs normally are mostly white, and those used for show purposes are predominantly liver coloured or black.

Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Information
Black and white is a common colour combo for a Springer. (English springer spaniel image by Jeff Dalton from Fotolia.com)

Living Conditions

A Springer can live in an urban setting in an apartment as long as you give the dog the exercise it requires. Refrain from tying the Springer Spaniel up or keeping it in a kennel or pen scenario for long spans of time. The Springer often suffers from separation anxiety, which can cause it to exhibit aggressive or destructive behaviour when left alone for a long time. In the country, the Springer knows no limits to the amount of exercise you can give the breed, with running, swimming and playing catch with frisbees suitable exercise for the dog.


The first spaniels began to show up in England during the 1600s, and originally the Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel were the exact same breed. The smaller dogs, in the 25-pouund range, were adept at hunting woodcocks and became the Cocker Spaniel. The larger spaniels from the same litter became the Springer spaniels, either flushing game out for falcons and hawks to capture or springing upon the game themselves. The breeding of the larger spaniels to each other eventually resulted in the pure line of Springer Spaniels, a breed the American Kennel Club recognised in 1910, according to the Dog Breed Info website.


A balanced and sensible diet is vital to the health of a Springer Spaniel because the breed has a tendency to gain weight easily. Springer Spaniels can develop hip dysplasia, where the joints of the hip begin to become abnormal. Malformation of the dog's retina, called retinal dysplasia, is common among these dogs and Progressive Retinal Atrophy can bring on blindness in Springer Spaniels. Ear infections are frequent due to the floppy and hairy ears that often do not allow good air circulation, which creates conditions encouraging bacterial growth.

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