Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent

Written by eric love
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Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent
Cat and dogs can be safely repelled. (Puppies of the spitz-dog and cat in studio image by Ulf from Fotolia.com)

Dogs and cats dig, urinate or tear up plants in outdoor places where you may not want them. Outdoor dog and cat repellent is formulated to be safe for your plants and around you and your family, while creating an odour that deters cats and dogs from visiting specific places on your property.


Outdoor dog and cat repellent is designed to prevent the animal from having contact with your lawn and plants. The all-natural formulas that are used in these products create an odour that smells natural for humans but vile to animals. When animals encounter this odour, it causes them to vacate the premises for something that smells better. The result is that your plants and yard are spared from animals urinating on them or digging them up.

Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent
Repellents create an odour that dogs and cats do not like. (Cat dog friendship image by ftelkov from Fotolia.com)

Use Daily

Many products are recommended for daily use. With continual daily spraying, the animals will be conditioned not to enter the property. This is a form of boundary training for other animals, including your own. Due to the natural botanical ingredients, there is no harm to the yard or plants from continual use of cat and dog repellent products.

Time Frame

It may take several days for the repellent to begin keeping cats and dogs away. Some animals may not immediately be deterred by the light concentration of the repellent, and a heavier concentration may be needed. Granule repellents are available in a higher concentration if you are attempting to prevent multiple or larger-breed animals from accessing your property.


If you are using a repellent for your own animals, it is important to be aware of where you are spraying it. If you spray repellent near doors leading outside or inside of the house or their doghouse, it will prevent them from entering those places. Also, be sure to only spray the perimeter of your property and the flower beds or gardens; not the whole lawn. If you spray your entire lawn, you will deter the animal from urinating any place, and it may result in accidents in the house.

Other use

Outdoor cat and dog spray can be used indoors to prevent animals from jumping on furniture or entering rooms that are off limits. It can be used outdoors around pool areas, burning pits and garbage areas that may attract the animal.

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