Problems With Husqvarna 359 Chainsaws

Written by eric blankenburg
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Problems With Husqvarna 359 Chainsaws
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Husqvarna 359 chainsaws are two-cycle engines that require three basic components to start and operate smoothly: air, spark and fuel. These incorporate most of the saw's parts and if any of these are damaged or broken, it will cause poor performance in your Husqvarna 359 chainsaw. The other large problem areas are the cutting and turning of the chain.

Air Compression

Air compression is vital to help turn the engine to fire off the spark plug and start the saw. Many air problems are easy and simple to fix. Common air problems include dirty or old air filters, clogged muffler or spark arresting screen and an improperly set starter cord. Check these three parts and clean them if they're dirty or replace them if they're damaged.

Ignition System

The ignition system includes the spark plug, starter wires and starter coil. Many chain saw starting problems are found in these three areas. Dirty or old spark plugs often make starting difficult or impossible. Cracked or damaged wires will also fail to deliver a spark across the engine. And a worn-out starter coil will make starting the saw impossible. Check the ignition system by taking out the spark plug from the engine. Put the spark plug back into the rubber plug and hold it next to a metal spot on the engine's body. Slowly pull on the starter cord and look for a spark across the metal.

Fuel System

Storing saws with gas for long periods of time will leave bad gas in the carburettor and fuel lines. This is also a major problem area for most Husqvarna 359 chainsaws. Clean out the gas tank thoroughly and replace the fuel filter and fuel line from the saw. If you can, remove and clean the carburettor thoroughly by soaking all of the parts in carburettor cleaner overnight. Always use gas with a 50:1 fuel-oil mixture.

Bar and Chain

Bar and chain problems are common after heavy use; they will slow the overall cutting performance of your saw. Always sharpen your chain before, during and after cutting. Keep the bar free of nicks and dents on the edge where the chain fits onto the bar. Always check to make sure the bar is straight and not warped in any way. Use the tensioner screw on the bar to keep the proper tension on the chain against the bar.

Clutch Assembly

Clutch problems will make the saw's chain difficult to engage and cut smoothly through the wood. If your saw cuts the wood roughly or you have to push the bar into the wood, you should pull off the clutch assembly and inspect for heavy damage. Husqvarna recommends you replace the chain sprocket every month or so with heavy use. Heavily worn sprockets will cause the chain to get thrown easily from the bar. The clutch spring can also get worn out easily and this will not let the clutch engage the oil pump, which can cause the chain to not get enough lubricating oil. Husqvarna also recommends that you take your saw to a licensed Husqvarna mechanic if you don't have the technical expertise to repair the saw yourself.

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