Daisy BB Air Rifle Won't Shoot

Updated November 21, 2016

Daisy air rifles are available in different models or designs that imitate modern and historical firearms. Widely popular, especially among youth, Daisy air rifles can teach firearm safety and handling when shooting. There can, however, be problems with a Daisy air rifle that prevent it from properly firing. Performing a few basic troubleshooting steps can often resolve many issues and return the Daisy air gun to good working operation.

Locate the safety on the Daisy air rifle. Slide the safety to the 'fire' or 'off' position and attempt to fire the Daisy air rifle. Make sure the safety is sliding completely to the left or right so that it is disengaged.

Point the barrel of the Daisy air gun in a safe direction and release tension on the firing spring by pulling the trigger. Open the ammunition loading door and remove all of the BB ammunition. Turn the rifle as necessary to allow the BB ammunition to roll out through the loading door.

Load the Daisy air rifle with new and unfired BB ammunition that is designed for the gun. Load the gun as directed by the manufacturer. Typically, this involves pouring the BB ammunition into the loading door. Close the loading door when finished.

Place the safety in the 'on' position and cock the firing spring of the Daisy rifle. Open and closing the lever of the gun is a method for cocking some types of Daisy air guns.

Point the gun in a safe direction, release the safety and pull the trigger to fire the gun.

Things You'll Need

  • Daisy air rifle
  • Unfired 4.5mm BB ammunition
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