Types of Concrete Fence Posts

Updated February 21, 2017

Planning a fence project includes considering the type of fence posts that will work best for the fence's purpose. For solid support and a permanent solution, many consumers choose concrete fence posts. These long-lasting posts are strong enough to anchor many types of fencing material and provide resistance to the wind and other natural elements.


Fence posts are long objects at least 2 feet in length used to support a fence. They may be shaped in common shapes like a cylinder or a rectangular prism. Concrete fence posts are a strong material choice because they can support most fence coverings, including wood, chain link, plastic, brick, stone, rock, steel and vinyl.

Poured vs. Prefabricated

The process of making concrete fence posts involves a choice of poured concrete or prefabricated concrete. For custom work, poured concrete must be performed on site using moulds and fresh concrete. Prefabricated concrete posts offer a potential cost savings of ordering all fence posts of the same specifications in bulk; these posts are uniform in appearance.

Prefabricated Features

Premade concrete posts may include features that make construction easy. Concrete fence posts may be slotted for installing standard panelling. Posts may also be pre-drilled for electrical wires. Brackets may be installed on concrete fence posts to support the weight of heavier panels. Posts can be customised with coatings before or after purchase from the manufacturer to match the customer's fencing material.

Design Considerations

Some expensive concrete fencing schemes include the installation of heavy panels with simulated brick, rock, stone or granite finishes. You might consider whether to buy a designer fence post like Fencestone, made with an easy-to-use pier foundation instead of a trenching system. Before choosing a designer fencing system supported by concrete posts, consider the type of terrain, the project budget, the durability of the concrete material and the climate.


Both premade and poured concrete posts may be finished with a decorative coating that provides protection from the elements and attractive decor for the property. Concrete posts from most concrete manufacturers can be sprayed with a spray finish. This option is ideal for matching existing fence work, including antique brick, stone, rock and wood.

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