Shine gloss hair treatment

Written by kathleen gasior | 13/05/2017
Shine gloss hair treatment
Shiny hair is everyone's aim. (JupiterImages/

Everyone wants hair that looks shiny and healthy. Shine gloss treatments are available at salons and chemists, often marketed as gloss or glaze treatments, and give your hair extra shine while protecting your hair colour. Knowing the difference between gloss, glaze and colour glaze---and how to use them---can give your hair a boost.

Gloss vs. glaze

Hair care companies may use the terms "hair gloss" and "hair glaze" interchangeably. However, according to O Magazine beauty editor Valerie Monroe, a gloss is a bit more permanent, penetrating the hair's cuticle, which makes it last two to four weeks. A glaze simply coats the shaft of the hair and lasts a week or two.


If you don't normally colour your hair, consider a colour glaze treatment, which will give your hair more shine and boost your natural colour. Expect it to last a couple of weeks, depending on how often you shampoo. If you have coloured hair, a gloss treatment adds shine and protects your colour. You can do this a couple of weeks after you get your hair coloured, according to

Where to find it

If you want a professional treatment, check with your salon to see if it offers shine gloss treatments, and at what price. If you would rather buy a glaze to apply at home, the 2009 price tag varies from about £6 for a high-street brand to £17 for a high-end brand.

At-home tips makes these suggestions for a colour glaze: Shampoo and condition your hair, then squeeze out the excess water. While you're still in the shower, smooth the colour glaze through your hair from root to tip. Leave on for at least three minutes and rinse. For extra colour, use each time you shampoo or once a week for shine and colour brightening.

A colour-free option

Gloss products that don't add colour are done a bit differently. For a once-a-week shine treatment that leaves your hair glowing and healthy looking, use a clear gloss or glaze on dry, unwashed hair for 20 minutes, then rinse, according to

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